Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa is a Regional Service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. It is located in the city of Larissa and its jurisdiction extends to the Regional Unit of Larissa.                                                      

The Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa was founded in October 2014 following the merger of the XV Ephorate of Classic and Prehistoric Antiquities and the 7th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities which were both established in 1973.

The Ephorate activities cover a time period that begins with the Prehistoric Age, includes Archaic, Classical and Roman periods, the Early Christian and Byzantine periods as well as the period of the Ottoman domination. In its field of action are included public and religious buildings, along with fortifications and public works, as well as the artifacts of the respective periods.

Within the jurisdiction of the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa, among others, are:



Further information regarding the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa can be found on its website.