Diachronic Museum of Larissa won the first prize at the 5th european contest Museums in Short 2018, in promotional category, for the video «Tracing the footsteps of human society», produced by Macine Motion Pictures (directed by Giotis Vrantzas, music by Kai Engels). The video presents key features of thessalian culture through the centuries combined with magnificent sceneries of Thessaly, promoting not only the Museum but the whole region.

The contest ceremony took place in Piran, Slovenia, on the 31st of August and it was organised by the International Foundation of Slavic Culture Forum. 49 museums from 20 european countries took place with short videos and 12 museums entered the finals. The contest had three main categories, promotional, exhibits and storrytelling.

The animation film "I am the Leon of Kythera" of the Kythera Museum won the public vote prize.