Metal object conservation
Silver handled cup before conservation
Silver handled cup after conservation
Bronze phiale before conservation
Bronze phiale after conservation

The laboratory of metals of the Diachronic Museum operates since 2010. Here, metal objects such as jewelry, coins, metal constructions and crafting elements, vessels and utensils, timing from the copper to the post byzantine times, are being conserved. The laboratory uses modern equipment and technical means for the conservation of materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and various metal alloys.

The laboratory of metals also deals with the recording and assessment of the condition of the preserved objects, their preventive and actual conservation. The preventive conservation involves a systematic control and assessment of the environmental conditions of storage and exhibition, aiming at their long-term preservation in time.

The metal objects, being inorganic materials, demand a particular technique and scientific expertise regarding the restoration of their damages and their conservation.