Clay object conservation
Cinerary urn before conservation
Cinerary urn during conservation
Cinerary urn - sherts cleaning
Cinerary urn after conservation
Clay jug - initial stage
Clay jug - after removing mud
Clay jug - during conservation
Clay jug - final stage

The ceramics and glass conservation laboratory of the Diachronic Museum operates since 2010, equipped with new technical means for the conservation of the ceramics collection of the museum. The collection includes table and storage vessels, burial offerings, utensils as well as everyday life clay objects dated from the prehistoric to the post byzantine period.

Within the laboratory’s tasks are the recording and evaluation of the preservation of the ceramics, their conservation and restoration, the systematic care and assessment for the environmental conditions of their storage and presentation.

The aim of the conservators is to delay the deterioration of the objects, to secure their preservation in time as well as to safeguard the information they include by using materials and methods that do not endanger the integrity of the object.