Clock Summer (1st April - 31st October): Monday-Sunday, 8:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.

Winter (1st November -31st March): Wednesday - Monday, 8:30a.m. - 3:30p.m.

covid  Covid-19 policy: The Museum is a mixed area, therefore entry is allowed to vaccinated, sick up to 180 days after the first positive test, but also to visitors who have done a rapid test (48 hours).

Official Holidays: 1st January, 25th March, Easter Sunday, 1st May, 25th December and 26th December

Contact us: for more information and confirmation of working hours

phone blue icon +30 2413 508 242

fax icon +30 2410 239 927

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ticket Tickets: The cost of the tickets as from the 1st of November, 2019 is as follows:

1st April - 31st October: Regular ticket 6 euros, discount ticket 3 euros

1st November - 31st March: General entrance fee 3 euros

Group Tickets (Travel Agents): See instructions for group ticketing here

Discount tickets:
Students and University students outside the E.U. countries, on display of their student ID card
Greek citizens and citizens within the E.U. countries 65 years old and on, on display of their identity card or passport
Parents escorting primary school children during their school visits

Free entrance: the first Sunday of each month from November to March, the 6th of March (In Memoriam of M. Mercouri), 18th of April (International Day of Monuments), 18th of May (International Day of Museums), the last weekend of September (European Days of Cultural Heritage) and the 28th of October (National Holiday)

Entrance free of charge:
Young people up to 18 on display of their identity card or passport
Students and University students of the E.U countries, on display of their student ID card
Employees of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Archaeological Receipts Fund (ARF) on display of their ID card
Owners of ICOM and ICOMOS card
Tourist guides on display of their professional ID card
Escort teachers during school and educational institutions visits
Members of "Museum and Archaeological Sites Friends" Associations on display of their membership card
Police officers of the Department of Illegal Trade In Archaeology and Police Administration Officers
Formal guests of the Greek State
Individuals with disability 67% and on, accompanied by one escort, on display of their disability certificate
Parents of multi-child families, with children up to 23 years old (25 if the children are serving their military service) on display of their multi-child pass card or certificate by a multi-child society, or a Municipal Family Status Certificate
Parents of families with three children up to 18 or 24 if they are still students
Single parent families with underage children on display of a Family Status certificate
Unemployment card owners
Solidarity card owners
Free Pass card owners

Persons entitled to a free pass card:
Central Council Members as well as Members of the Local Monument Councils of the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Members of the Board as well as Directors of Public Legal Entities supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Educational Personnel in the Primary, Secondary and Higher Education
Holders of Degrees in Historical and Archaeological Studies, Architecture, The Fine Arts, Maintenance of Archaeological Monuments and Monuments of Art, Museum Studies by Universities within the E.U as well as holders of post graduate degrees of the afore mentioned Schools
Directors and other Members of Foreign Archaeological Schools in Greece
O.A.P.s of the Ministry of Culture and Sports as well as the Archaeological Receipts Fund
Contract staff of the Ministry of Culture and Sports as well as the Archaeological Receipts Fund