entrance The entrance to the Museum is right next of a roundabout on the ring road of Larissa - Trikala, as shown below. Informative road signs are available.

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Handicap All areas of the Museum can be accessed by people with disabilities. At the central entrance of the Museum there is a special parking space for people with disabilities


blind The permanent exhibition of the Museum has special showcases for people with vision disabilities which include authentic objects that the visitors can touch as well as texts in Braille


icon bagages Sizeable luggage is not allowed in the exhibition halls and should be kept at the reception hall


cloakroom The vestibule is in the ground floor of the Museum, where the visitors ought to leave their back packs and other sizeable objects. The museum bears no responsibility for fragile objects or valuables which are kept in the vestibule


pets Pets are not allowed inside the Museum. Only dogs guiding people with vision disabilities are allowed


wifi The Museum provides free wireless internet access in all areas


mbl The use of mobile phones is only allowed at the reception hall and at the Museum’s Café


camera Amateur photography is allowed in all the halls of the Museum. The use of flash light and of additional photography equipment (portable lights and tripod) is not allowed in the interior of the Museum. The publication of photographs on social media is allowed but not in print or electronic media


icon guideThe Museum does not organize guided tours, except for thematic guided tours which are organized by the Antiquities Ephorate of Larissa and which are announced through the press. For organized tours in the Diachronic Museum as well as to Archaeological Sites and Monuments of the area, you can address to licensed Tour Guides